Planning for front deck OBS with outhouse type roll off cover.

I am thinking a pier 6 feet out from the existing deck corner and adding a 16'X16' deck at the same level as the existing deck and the warmroom is in the house.
16X16 should give me the ability to expand.
When the concrete is poured I will have an extra place to mount a second pier and would just need to pull up some decking to access the second pier area that wuld be a steel bolt down where the primary concrete pier will come up through the deck at about 4 to 5 feet.
I have been testing all of the connections, so far so good with USB telescope and camera control from the house.

The pier is going to be 6 feet off the existing corner of the deck, in a few pictures you can see a red circle.

Temporary!!! Checking for placement of OBS
The wireless camera on the tripod in the background allows me to hear and see the telescope operate at night from inside.


This is North


This is South


This is East

This is West


Here is 252deg W facing. The red circle is were the pier will be about 5 feet from existing corner.




Camera - Camera adapter - T- Ring - Base plate of scope


Site Prep

Two 4 foot sections of 12" sonotube, data cable conduit dry fitted


GPS to find true north

North line data conduit dry fitted

South line with shin protectors